Carbogas Energia has an efficient and innovative technology, which allows the energy recovery from municipal and industrial solid waste, regardless of its treatment or prior separation. With this scenario, it is possible to provide an appropriate destination with the entry of the waste as it is collected from homes and/or companies.

The Thermochemical Plant can be divided into three macro steps. The first one is called “RDF processing plant” which sets up an automated processing line, capable of absorbing the incoming waste (whether it is fresh (“in natura”), recovered from landfill and / or industrial). In this processing plant, inert materials are removed and appropriately disposed to increase the yield of the process (such as glasses, sediments and metals), entailing a secondary recipe. Also, physicochemical factors are adjusted for the best performance, according to the characteristics of the final fuel, such as fixed and controlled humidity and particle size, obtaining an homogeneous Residue Derivated Fuel (RDF).

The second stage has the circulating fluidized bed reactor (CFB), enabling the thermochemical treatment of the fuel generated. In a process with low oxygen rate, the synthesis gas is produced without burning the residue, allowing a clean, controlled process and without the formation of environmental liabilities (leaving only the ashes, inherent to the fuel and with several technological routes for its total absorption by the market). Finally, the last step sets the energy use of the synthesis gas, which can be used for heat generation (as a substitute of fossil fuels), steam generation, use as a chemical reagent or the generation of electricity.

Consequently, this enterprise presents itself as a definitive solution for waste, since it concomitantly absorbs the organic and inorganic fraction, fully converting the environmental liability into an economic asset efficiently and within the most restrictive environmental, legal and social requirements.






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