With the same drive to resolve the final destination of all waste produced daily, Carbogas Energia also promotes the solution for environmental liabilities already formed from the disposal and accumulation of waste in the soil. Today, the reality in many countries includes several places that were used inappropriately for the final disposal of waste. Several environmental and social damages are caused by this practice, such as soil and groundwater contamination, emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere, proliferation of pathogens, among others. International legislation is becoming more restrictive every year, preventing these practices from being perpetuated, despite the fact that even places with sanitary control generates contamination and increasing occupations of free areas. With the aim of restoring these areas, and converting the environmental liability into an economic asset, Carbogas Energia presents an innovative solution that can transform this waste into a clean fuel.

The “landfill miner” can be used in these places to separate sediments and rocks from the material deposited in landfills and dumps. The segregated inert fraction can be kept at the same place, while all potentially polluting material, with heat value, is separated through this equipment developed by Carbogas Energia, and this recovered fraction enters the thermochemical route to be converted into energy. A mobile solution, recovering materials that have not been biodegraded since its disposal and, usually, have even greater heat value then fresh waste.

Along this path, an installed thermochemical plant will be able to jointly absorb the waste produced by the municipality on a daily basis and the waste recovered from the environmental liability, both submitted to the same processes, constantly reducing the volume of the landfill or dump until the full recovery of the degraded area.

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