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Energy Recovery from Solid Waste

Carbogas Energia holds an efficient and innovative technology, which allows the energy recovery of municipal and industrial solid waste, regardless of its previous treatment or separation. Within this scenario, it is possible to provide an appropriate destination for waste as it is collected from homes and/or companies. In this process, everything that comes along with the waste will enter the plant and be processed automatically, until it is converted into a clean combustible gas, which can be used for various applications, such as electricity generation. Consequently, this enterprise presents itself as a definitive solution for waste, since it simultaneously absorbs the organic and inorganic fraction, fully converting the environmental liability into an economic asset in an efficient manner and in line with the most restrictive environmental, legal and social requirements.

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Recovery Of Degraded Areas

It is a reality in many countries the burial of waste in open areas, creating landfills or dumps. Environmental and social damage are caused by this practice, such as soil and groundwater contamination, emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere, proliferation of pathogens, among others. International legislation is becoming more restrictive every year, preventing these practices from perpetuating. Even places with sanitary control provides contamination and increasing occupations of free areas, which are difficult to manage and restore. To this end, Carbogas Energia presents an innovative solution that promotes the recovery of these degraded areas, through the decommissioning of “dumps” and landfills, based on the mining of already buried waste and its use as fuel in our process. Along this path, an installed thermochemical plant will be able to jointly absorb the waste produced by the municipality on a daily basis and the waste recovered from the dump or landfill, constantly reducing its volume until the complete recovery of the area.

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Study of Waste Energy Recovery Potential

Carbogas Energia has expertise in studying and mapping the energy potential from municipal and industrial solid waste. In this process, we collect the target residues at it’s production site, which will later be submitted to crushing, preparation, homogenization and sampling for laboratory analysis, thermochemical processing, study of the technical feasibility of synthesis gas formation as well as analysis of the produced gas and atmospheric emissions. These studies guide the mass and energy balance of a Thermochemical plant, and allow the execution of a solid waste management plan.

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